Plant Base 2 for Linux

The Plant Base edition for Linux is in a long-term Beta test status. This is due to the incredible variety of Linux distributions and desktop environments. We cannot test on them all and therefore it is impossible to guarantee that the Plant Base program and its database will execute correctly on every Linux installation.

Although more recent than the Windows and Mac editions, the Linux edition has been under development for some time and is now very stable. It performs extremely well on our own systems and is perfectly suitable for day to day use.

Like the other editions, this is an efficient native application and uses exactly the same database files as the others. It also has the same features - much of the program code is common between all editions.

Reminder - Plant Base is not open source free software, all editions are "commercial" products. We absolutely respect and admire the tradition of free and open source software, most notably on the Linux platform. But not all projects are a suitable fit. Our software has always been offered in the spirit of fairness - our passion is for plants, not profit! Therefore during the Beta phase we are happy to give Linux users a free life-time licence.


Tar archives (.tar.gz) of the files are provided, with a the choice of either full installation or program only update. The files can easily be extracted using an Archive Manager application or by command-line if preferred. We recommend they are installed as a directory under the user's home location. However, the end-user has considerable choice.

The file-set for the application is very simple - to operate correctly the help and language sub-directories need to be in the same place as the program executable and also normally the "PlantBase.prefs" file for run-time settings. The database files may be moved to any suitable location if preferred.

The installation archives contain both 64-bit and 32-bit executables, for use corresponding to the operating system.

After extracting the files simply run "plantbase2prog". On some systems you may need to first set the executable flag in the file properties. If installing on a 32-bit system use the alternative "plantbase2prog_32bit" file. These executable files can be renamed if desired.

You may wish to add a desktop icon or menu entry for the application. An example ".desktop" launcher template is included, to be edited as appropriate.

Initially new installations will run as a 20 day free trial. Further use requires entry of a licence code, issued when purchased. The licence for Windows and Mac editions is also valid for Linux. In some circumstances we may issue a "Linux only" code, which will not work for the other editions (see the free offer).


Resource use is very similar other editions - so nothing special here and will run fine on most PC and laptop hardware, even quite old, low powered ones!

The program uses GTK2 for the user interface. This is pre-installed on the majority of Linux distros.

Plant Base for Linux has been successfully tested on the following:-
(all 64-bit unless noted)

  • MX Linux 16, 17.1, 18.3, 19.2, 19.3, Xfce (also 32 bit)
  • MX Linux 19.2, 19.3, Fluxbox (also 32 bit)
  • MX Linux 19.3, KDE Plasma
  • Mint 18.3, 19.2, 20, Cinnamon
  • Ubuntu 19.10, 20.04, Gnome
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, MATE
  • Manjaro 17.1, 20, Xfce
  • Antix 19, IceWM (32-bit)
  • OpenSUSE 15.1, KDE
  • Solus 4.1, Budgie (theme adjustments needed)

FREE licence for Linux Plant Base?

Yes, for the time being we are issuing free licences to run on Linux.

No strings - all we ask is tell us which distro you're running. The licence code will never expire and is valid for future versions. Only for Linux users though - it will not enable the Windows or Mac editions.

Email us your request or for more details.