Key Sets, Alphabets and Languages
(Extra Keys version 2.2.0 onwards)

Multiple key sets allow access to a very large number of characters, while keeping the button window reasonably small.

The key sets group characters by type, languages and expected usage. Many characters are repeated on several key sets so that the frequency of switching between them is reduced. Key sets are selected from the options icon icon pop-up menu.

Punctuation and symbols shown by the 'more' button are the same for all key sets.

Key Set menu

Latin - Western Europe

Accented and special letters used by most Western European languages, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, Basque, Catalan and others.

Most of these characters are well supported by standard fonts on all Windows versions. However, a few such as the Dutch IJ and some Welsh accents like Ŵ and Ŷ are only normally available to Unicode applications (may be a problem for old programs). Also the German capital Eszett ẞ is only included in the newer font versions. It is rarely used except for words in all-capitals.

Latin - Western Europe, Nordic

Similar to the above, but with a few changes to provide letters for the Nordic languages - Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Finnish and Northern Sami.

Note that Đ (crossed D) is not the same as Ð (Eth) - Eth is used by Icelandic and Faroese (occasionally elsewhere), whereas crossed D is used in Northern Sami, also by some Balkan languages.

Latin - Eastern Europe, Polish & Baltic

Includes accented letters used by Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Kashubian.

Latin - Eastern Europe, Danube

Includes accented letters used by Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and Romanian.

The Romanian Ș and Ț (S and T with comma) will only work with some of the latest versions of standard Windows fonts. Many fonts do not include them and they are often entirely absent on Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems unless they have been specially updated. Though technically incorrect, S and T cedilla (Ş and Ţ) are often used in their place so those characters are also included in this key set. D with comma was also once used in Romanian, though now obsolete it might be seen in archaic words and names. There is no single-letter encoding for this letter but Ḑ (D cedilla) is sometimes substituted and is included here.

Latin - Southeast Europe & Turkic

Accented letters for Croatian, Serbian (Latin), Bosnian (Latin), Slovenian, Albanian, Arbëresh, Montenegrin, Maltese, Turkish, Turkmen, Azeri and Kurdish (Hawar).

Cyrillic - East Slavic

Full Cyrillic alphabet letters for Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Cyrillic - Bulgarian

The Cyrillic alphabet for Bulgarian. Also includes additional letters for Moldovan.

Some older font versions do not include Ѐ.

Cyrillic - West Balkan

The Cyrillic alphabet for Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian (Cyrillic), Montenegrin and Macedonian.

The Montenegrin letters З acute and С acute are not given here as they currently have no single-letter encoding.

Some older font versions do not include Ѐ and Ѝ, as used in Macedonian.

Cyrillic - Turkic and Mongolic

The Cyrillic alphabet letters for Kazakh, Azeri, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Mongolian and others.

Some older font versions do not include a few of the letter variations.


The modern Greek alphabet.

Note that multiple accented forms of two letters (ΐ and ΰ) do not have upper case versions. The letter Σ has two lower case forms, with a variation for when it occurs as the final letter of a word.


The modern Georgian alphabet (Mkhedruli) and also the older Asomtavruli alphabet, which is still occasionally used for titles, headings and so on.

The Georgian alphabet is also used for the related Mingrelian and Laz languages.

Unusually, Georgian has single case alphabets (unicase or unicameral) so the letters for each alphabet are arranged in successive rows. Although the lower, Asomtavruli alphabet is regarded as upper case, they are not normally used as capital forms of the modern Georgian letters.

Georgian has another old alphabet, Nuskhuri, that is sometimes still used for ecclesiastical writings. It is not available in this version of the program.

Modern Georgian letters are supported by some recent standard font versions, but are not normally present in Windows XP versions. The older alphabet is not included in many fonts and requires a font with extensive Unicode support, such as 'Arial Unicode MS' or 'DejaVu Sans', or a specific Georgian font.


The Armenian alphabet letters and specific Armenian punctuation marks.

There are few standard fonts that include Armenian letters, but some with good Unicode support do, for example Sylfaen, Arial Unicode MS or DejaVu Sans. There are also specific Armenian fonts available for download.

The Armenian Dram currency symbol is quite new and font support is limited.

Other symbol entities (Pro edition only)

A selection of additional symbol characters. Includes 5 keyboard punctuation keys that are commonly used as HTML entities. The remainder are mostly mathematical symbols and others, many of which have standard HTML entity names.

Some mathematical symbols appear very similar to other punctuation marks, but are in fact distinct characters with their own code points. Especially useful in technical documentation.