Plant Base 2 - Native 64-bit

We are now offering native 64-bit executables for running under the x64 editions of Windows.

Firstly - the 32-bit versions will happily run under Windows x64. Even the original 1.x.x versions have been run for many years on 64-bit systems. A great many applications are still only available as 32-bit.

However, 64-bit systems are able to make better use of modern hardware with large amounts of RAM. So 64-bit is the way of the near future.

The Plant Base 64-bit build uses exactly the same code base as the 32-bit version. There is functionally no difference and it looks absolutely the same. The database files are the same for all editions and can be exchanged between 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

In addition to the main program there is a native 64-bit edition of the Extra Keys tool (included in the main install file) and also the optional screen-saver.

There are separate install files for the 64-bit executables, they are available on the Downloads page.

Windows normally keeps 32-bit and 64-applications in separate locations on your PC. For that reason if you wish to switch between editions we recommend that you uninstall the old one first. You may keep a copy of your database files and restore them back after the install - there is no difference in file format.

We have heard about users running 64-bit systems having problems with 32-bit screen-savers. We have tested both 32-bit and 64-bit builds of our own screen-saver under Windows 7 x64 and both run without any issues at all. However this may be a situation were it is preferable to use the correct build for your operating system.