Purchasing Plant Base - Currency Guide

Our prices are given in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). For international customers the PayPal system normally offers the choice to pay in local currency, using the prevailing rate to handle the conversion.

Below is a rough guide to prices when converted to other currencies. Please note that this is for guidance only and actual prices will differ slightly due to the payment mechanism. The calculations below are based on currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank.

Updated on Thursday 25th of April 2019 06:53:34 UTC

CD only *
CD only *
UK flagGBP £25.00 £6.50 £8.00
EU flagEUR €28.89€7.51€9.24
US flagUSD $32.38$8.42$10.36
Canada flagCAD $43.56$11.32$13.94
New Zealand flagNZD $48.88$12.71$15.64
Australia flagAUD $45.99$11.96$14.72
South Africa flagZAR 464.87 120.87 148.76
India flagINR 2,262 588 724
Switzerland flagCHF 32.98 8.57 10.55
Russia flagRUB 2,079 541 665
Brasil flagBRL 127.06 33.03 40.66
Japan flagJPY ¥3,621¥941¥1,159

* CD's are now only supplied on special request - email us. The cost covers both the CD itself and postage.

General purpose currency convertor


uses conversion rates from the European Central Bank, as above.